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For all those people who do not find financing according to their needs, online credit platforms such as Vi-Credits are a very convenient alternative to banks and savings banks.
Vi-Credits is precisely one of these platforms where you can access fast mini-credits online safely and transparently.

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What is Vi-Credits?
We are an online mini-credit company that also provides access to short and medium-term credit lines. The platform’s mission is to provide a solution to urgent liquidity problems, through financing in the short and medium-term.
Clients can request an electronic payday loan to onepayday without queuing or wasting time talking to a lot of advisors, even without having to wait on the phone just to realize that their loan has not been approved.
The company has automated all its systems to be able to offer a much faster service so that loan applicants can obtain their financing as soon as possible.
The platform has a customer service that is available during business hours from Monday to Saturday, even has a live chat through its website to answer any questions immediately and more personally.
The company allows you to access a fast online loan that can be up to € 1,000 with a repayment period of 30 days, although for the first loan you can only request a maximum of € 300.
The platform also highlights that they offer a transparent process regarding the costs associated with the granting of loans, so that the client can know at all times the commissions, interests and other expenses that can be applied to the amount of the financing.

How does Vi-Credits work?

How does Vi-Credits work?
The platform allows you to access either an online mini-credit or a credit line, all through a process that is done entirely from the official website of the company.
The operation is not very different from other fast online loan companies, since they also have a credit simulator so you can calculate the total cost of your financing.
After defining the amount and the term in which you want to return the credit, you proceed to send the loan application and then the platform will be in charge of valuing your information.
In case your credit application is approved, the company sends you the money for the next 15 minutes. As mentioned above, for those who request a loan for the first time, the maximum amount they can request is € 300.
If you repay the loan within the established term and use the service in an appropriate and responsible way, Vi-Credits can increase the amount of financing that you can access, even being up to € 1,200.
The company also has a code of ethics that is based on the responsibility of the credits and credit lines they offer, transparency with customer service and honesty.
The company also indicates that no customer will ever be encouraged to request more than the amount of money it really requires. It also undertakes never to increase or modify costs during the duration of the service.

What are the requirements to apply for a mini-credit with Vi-Credits?

What are the requirements to apply for a mini credit with Vi-Credits?
One of the most distinctive features of online credit platforms is their flexibility in terms of the requirements to apply for a loan online.
In the case of Vi-Credits is no exception, since the company requires the minimum documentation and of course, as long as all these requirements are met, the loan is more likely to be obtained.

  • You must be between 21 and 65 years old to apply for a mini-credit or an online credit line.
  • It is also necessary that you can demonstrate stable regular income, either through payroll, pension or unemployment.
  • It is also essential that you do not have any debts or are registered in any delinquent file.
  • You must present an official identity document and, if necessary, additional documentation.

Advantages of choosing Credit

Advantages of choosing Credit Yes
As always, these types of fast mini-credit online platforms offer a number of advantages over the traditional financing offered by banks and savings banks.
It is important to take into account all these benefits as they can help you decide if this is the best fast mini-loan on the market.

  • Vi-Credits mini-credits and lines of credit are easy to request since the entire process is done online, so you don’t have to wait in line or wait a long time to get an answer.
  • Not only that, this type of financing does not require paperwork like what is usually required when applying for a loan in a bank.
  • The mini-credits and lines of credit offered by Vi-Credits, do not include hidden charges since at all times you can know the total cost of the requested amount.
  • Being a platform that operates online, you can make your request for mini-credit at any time of day, any day of the week and accessing from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Once your credit application is approved, the company takes care of transferring your money quickly so that you can dispose of the cash as soon as possible.
  • A positive experience is also offered when applying for loans online.
  • The platform offers you credit solutions that are appropriate to your adequate financing needs.
  • In addition, all contract conditions are transparent and fair, with no hidden charges.
  • Likewise, special offers are offered for those clients who have repaid their loans without inconvenience.
  • All information, both personal and financial, is protected by the security protocols implemented on the website.
  • Vi-Credits is an online loan platform that is attached to the Spanish Association of Micro Loans.

How to apply for a mini credit in Vi-Credits?

How to apply for a mini credit in Vi-Credits?
The procedure to request fast mini-credits online at Vi-Credits is really very simple and you can complete it in a very short time.
The important thing in any case is that you make sure that you meet the requirements that are asked of you, since that will give you more chances that your financing will be approved.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  • First you have to access the official website of Vi-Credits to use the online credit simulator.
  • Use the sliders to select the amount of credit you want to request. Remember that if this is the first time you have requested a loan, you can only access € 300 maximum.
  • Now select the return period, which can be up to 30 days.
  • Once the above is done, you must now fill out a form with your personal data, including sex, name, surname, your date of birth, ID/NIE, as well as bank account number, mobile phone, email.
  • The platform will then take care of making the corresponding assessment of all your information and in a few minutes will send you an answer.
  • In case your credit has been approved, the money will be transferred to your bank account in just 15 minutes.

It is important to mention that the loan fees are composed of an interest that can be viewed on the Vi-Credits website and in the loan contract.
The interest applied to the credit will depend on the amount requested, as well as the chosen repayment term.
Both the interest that is applied, and its amount, are detailed in the particular conditions of the contract, which is sent to the client before the loan application.
In addition, the loan can only be granted and amortized in euros. In the event of a default situation, a late payment interest will be applied.

Early repayment and credit refund

Early repayment and credit refund
Customers can repay the credit in advance either partially or fully at any time before the agreed expiration date.
This does not generate additional costs and with respect to the return of the credit, it can be done through a bank transfer to the company’s account or also by making an entry at the window or through a cashier.
Likewise, if the client wishes, he can pay by debit card from the client area of ​​the website.